Considering Environmental Impact

Protective Wrapping

Our protective wrapping has transitioned from plastic bubble wrap to a paper based alternative. Any bubble wrap you see now is simply re-use of wrap that we receive.


Our packaging (with exception to AusPost – we’re hopeful that’ll change) is compostable or recyclable thanks to Sendle and (who also planted a 🌲 for us).


Our glassware can be recycled, re-used for spices, a house for a succulent or even given back to us in person (with its lid) for an immediate discount on your next order!


We’ve swapped out our previous tape for a Landfill-Biodegradable packing tape that we will be using for securing our wholesale shipments and larger online orders moving forward!


We also try to send as much as possible with Sendle to ensure we have 100% carbon neutral shipping.

Continuous Improvement

At Our House we are continuing on our journey to have a sustainable approach – if you have any ideas just send us a message.